Grand Opening of Grasshaven Outdoor Retail Store

Welcome to the center for modern family camping —where comfort and style elevate your outdoor experience.

Round up the RVs, campers and tents to discover a whole new side of the great outdoors.  We’re here to prove that sophistication, performance and homey living can share a place in the great outdoors.

Now, this isn’t frilly "glamping" or over-the-top luxury camping either. This is where form meets function at the campsite. A place to find tips, tools, gourmet recipes, and activities that bring everyone together. And, where products and gear make your visit to nature easy, actually like second nature. So unplug, unwind, come on in (or out, rather) and explore our world where inside style, meets outside comfort.

Grasshaven Camp Director’s Chair

Who says camp chairs need only be functional. The GH Camp Director's Chair offers style and comfort in one portable package. Cream Textilene fabric provides durability that cleans easy and looks stylish in the campsite or backyard.

$75 see more at the store

Lovage Infused Coleslaw

Coleslaw is not too exciting but a few small variations can elevate it from a boring side to the center

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